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Our Price for the ZOLL Plus Defibrillator

Supplied with Cabinet

2800.00 plus gst/courier


  • One piece electrode pad for easy placement
  • Real time instantaneous compression depth monitoring
  • A lid that acts as a passive airway support
  • Rescue accessory package, with scissors, razor, gloves, shield, wipes
  • Uses easily available batteries with five year stand-by life
  • Electrode pad with five year life expectancy
  • No costs to maintain for five years unless used
  • No need for costly service contracts
  • Five year Warranty, reconfigurable should guidelines change
  • Instructional and training DVDs

The ZOLL Plus Defibrillator is currently used by our Ambulance service, The NZ Fire Service, NZ Defence Force, St John's Ambulance. 

Many Councils, Business Firms, clubs and associations throughout New Zealand. ZOLL Medical Co. A World wide leader involved in resuscitation solutions for over thirty years.

Wheath'er you are a School or a Business making your working environment a safer place, automated external defibrillators (AEDs) should be an integral part of your plan.

Having AEDs in your school or Business could mean the difference between between life and death. On average, only 10% of the victims survive, but survival rate jumps greatly when victims are treated with cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and AEDS.

First Aid to Survive has been an Authorised Distributor for ZOLL Medical Co since 2006 and looks after an extensive data base for consumables and on-going service all around the Country.



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